How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Skincare

Everyone has their Top Skincare Tips lists, and most of these are probably things we have discussed together in the treatment room! I am here to remind you of them. It is hard to filter through the noise of skincare hobbyist online, and this small list is an easy guide to help your through.

Step One: find a licensed esthetician to assist you in your skincare journey.

This is probably the most important step! Many estheticians offer consults, and some of them will be complimentary. I am currently offering complimentary Virtual Consults to advise on home care routines, and also leading clients though at home facials! We are here to sort through all the noise, and it doesn't have to cost you a dime in some cases. If you are here, this step is covered!

Book your virtual consult  we can zoom, email, or FaceTime.. whatever you are most comfortable with!

Step One and a half: trust the advice of an expert.

The skincare journey can be a long and difficult road for some, but we are here to help you save money on purchasing products that work right for your personal skin conditions. Over the counter products won’t provide you with the improvements you are seeking, and many don’t have ingredients that are strong enough to address your issues. They also have harsh surfactants that damage your lipid layer. The skincare lines you will find at a professional esthetician's office or cosmedic dermatology office are going to be created by skincare experts and chemists that are formulating products with expertise… They have years of experience in their labs making these products, and aren’t just selling snake oils they decided to make on a whim because skincare is in. We provide you with therapeutic grade products that address your skincare goals and conditions. Remember: your esthetician touches skin and treats skin conditions daily, and in my case...see 1,000 plus clients every year. We know skin!


Step 2 Sunscreen

UV exposure is the number one cause of skin aging, but keep in mind that UVA rays can pass through glass and reach your skin even when you are inside. I always apply a sunscreen daily, and reapply every 2 hours when I am in direct sunlight. 

Superscreen Moisturizer from Supergoop!  is a favorite daily option and suitable for most skin types!


Step 3 Vitamin C 
Apply a Vitamin C serum before your morning moisturizer and sunscreen. Vitamin C is such an amazing antioxidant, and helps your sunscreen work even more efficaciously by protecting the skin from free radical damage. It helps with pre-existing sun damage, by evening out your skin tone, and can reducing the appearance of dark spots as well! Remember to use Vitamin C before your moisturizer in the evenings.

My favorite is Vita C Complex because it utilizes Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate- a potent oil soluble vitamin C!


Step 4 Exfoliate Weekly

When I say exfoliate some of you will automatically think scrub!...noooo! I want you to forget that idea completely and opt for a chemical or enzymatic exfoliant! Glycolic acid, lactic acid, pumpkin enzymes, and even salicylic acids are a much more effective way to dissolve dead cells on the surface; while remaining gentle enough for your lipid layer. Simply exfoliate once weekly, and see the improvement in skin texture.

 Pure C from Cosmedix  is suitable for most skin types and Weekly Digest from Botnia for more sensitive skin types


Step 5 Moisturize

This is the last step in most routines, and especially living in the West Texas desert; keeping your skin moisturized can be a difficult goal. Equally, there is the frustration of acne, and moisturizer can be a daily step we can use to minimize breakouts, pimples, and congestion.


Those with excessively dry skin, I love to recommend Restore and Surge used synergistically as an over night mask when feeling exceptionally dry.

For acne prone skin conditions: a lightweight moisturizer like Balancing Lotion or the Hydrating Serum from Botnia! 

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